Rick Rothman Training

Thanks Coach Rothman for sharing your winter training with us.  Lot of concepts and workouts to consider, such as not training through races yet not tapering much at the end of the season.

Coach Rothman has an extensive list of drills and ancillary work for his athletes.  Lots of workouts with fast running at the end of reps and the end of workouts.

We’re looking forward to the interview with Coach Rothman, which will be up tomorrow.

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Two Coaches Featured in January 2015

January and February are the time of year for coaching clinics.  One of the goals of this site to provide, over the course of a year, more information than any single clinic a coach can attend.  With that in mind we are featuring two coaches this month.  Patrick McHugh of North Shore Country Day School (IL) and Rick Rothman of Spanish River High School (FL).  Coach McHugh coaches in Chicago, where he is dealing with snow and ice and wind in the winter months, while Coach Rothman has nice training weather in the winter months in Florida.  Thus, this will be a fun month for HSRC members, allowing them to compare and contrast training from two excellent coaches who coach in much different climates.

Full bios will be up soon.

So carve out some time from your busy schedule to read their training and see how they prepare athletes for outdoor track.

Micah Porter – Cross Country training

Here is Coach Porter’s training that has used at D’Evelyn High School (CO).

Included are letter that Coach Porter wrote to Kevin Williams in preparation for the Footlocker Mid-West regional meet, where Kevin qualified for the Footlocker nationals.  Also included is the training that Jon McGuire did between the Footlocker Mid-West regional meet and the national meet, where John finished 4th.

Click on the icons below to download the PDFs of the cross country training and the letters.

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Micah Porter – Featured Coach, November 2014


Micah Porter is entering his 19th year as the head Boy’s Cross-Country and Track & Field Coach at D’Evelyn High School.

During his tenure at D’Evelyn, the distance program have had some considerable performances.

In Cross Country and at a school of just under 630 students, Coach Porter has produced three State Championship teams, 6 individual State Champions, and two Footlocker finalists, one finishing 4th in 2004.

On the Track, Coach Porter has been blessed to guide over 20 State Champions in a variety of distance events. Among those have been State Records in the Boys 3200m and State records in two classifications in the 3200m relay. Porter’s relay teams have broken 8:00 minutes 16 times and hold the Colorado 3A State record at 7:53.53 and the 4A State record at 7:48.60. And with a different team, D’Evelyn’s school record was run at Nike Outdoor Nationals in a time of 7:43.64 as his team finished 4th, earning All-American honors.

Micah has been Colorado’s State Coach of the Year in both Cross-Country and Track & Field. He has also been honored by his peers as Jefferson Country as Coach of Year 14 times.

His training philosophy can be summed up in the words of Thelonious Monk, “Always leave them wanting more.”


Timo Mostert – Interview notes

Here are the notes from Coach Mostert’s interview.  The interview is for members only, but we will have a few audio excerpts up in the future.

1:00 Something planned for entire summer for large mileage base. 750 miles from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Averages 55-60 miles a week.

2:30 Hold Milage through the season every 3-4 weeks take a down week, work back from state championship meet.

3:20 We run 2x a day. Morning run is an easy recovery run.

5:30 Meet M/W/F mornings in summer. T/Th/S on their own or with friends.
Varsity usually meets together on T/Th/Sat and train together.
In July add in T/Th afternoon run to get used to heat.
In August start 2-a-day. Hard workouts often in afternoon to get used to heat, make sure plenty of water around.

8:00 Where are you located. Close to mountains, on a plain. Can go flat, hilly, mountains. Lots of terrain close by.

10:00 Lots of successful programs are Lydiard based. Traditional workouts are 4x1mile or 6×800.

12:00 If you want to be good on hills, you need to run hills.

What do you do differently than other national programs?

13:50 Many teams do too much anaerobic training. Almost all are training is aerobic. Strides we do anaerobic, very few other non aerobic workouts.

15:30 You will find more aerobic less injuries and better negative splits.

If you can’t outkick them, pummel them with pace!

17:30 Speed we need is aerobic.

18:00 After morning runs we do pull-ups, crunches and dips. Lift M/W/F. We do lots of upper body to prevent upper body from getting tired.

19:20 We do T/Th core work we call mega-abs. We do lots of strength work. Strong core you don’t lose form. You need a strong core to keep form and hold pace.

20:20 Sat long runs have become longer. 70-90 minutes. We try to hit a little bit of a negative split.

23:30 What is your downhill running form? We work on learning how to run downhill forward, so pushing down the hill, elbows out, land on midfoot and spin wheels as fast as possible.

28:40 We run mornings of race, easy 1.5 then into dark room in school and will visualize the race course. What they want the splits to be. Kick point, turns.

30:40 What is the power run and how far? This is our threshold/tempo run.  4-miles, that is what Jack Daniels says, but high school kids can’t do 4-miles successfully. We do it for 2-miles. 1-2 miles warmup before run.

33:30 Lydiard 2-mile time trial is not an all out time trial. Talking about working on anaerobic threshold.

35:30 Week 3 training, what are stride runs? Our bread and butter is a 6-8 mile intermediate run. When the get back its 2 laps on the track, jog the turns and accelerate on the straight a way. Opens up strides. That is our anaerobic work.

37:00 Dont do a lot of anaerobic work, but when do 16×400 do it different. We give 2.5 mins between quarters, just slower than mile race pace. Slower and we give them more rest than most teams. For anaerobic I like to do rest 2:1 and for aerobic it’s closer to 1:1 rest to work.  Our goal is they don’t fade during the workout and the last one can go even faster.

40:00 Week 4 1600,12,8,4 workout our goal is 3-mile pace on 1600 and whatever the 1200 split in that they want to be a couple seconds faster in the 1200. Then 800 is slightly faster than their 800 pace in the 1200 and their 400 is slightly faster than their 400 pace in the 800. Slightly speeding up as goes down. Helps teach them they can push faster when tired.

42:00 You race how you train. Train negative splits if you want to run negative spits. Also understand pace so don’t go out to fast.

47:30 Grinder workout, what is it and what would you do if you didn’t have hills to train on? Grinder is 3 miles of flat to 1.3 mile hill that goes up 500m. Start watches at bottom of hill, if do it under 9 minutes they win a t-shirt saying I conquered the Grinder.

52:20 if not near hills can run stairs, parking ramps, bridges, anywhere there is a positive incline.

54:00 leading up to states. 4×800 at 2 mile pace then a few days later 4×400 at 4 mile pace. Try to do most of repeats on grass.

1:00:00 We don’t “peak” for state because we have 6 weeks after that we still need to train for Footlockers or NXN. But we do less milage for week before states.

1:02:20 Why a 1 mile time trial in week 10. Many PR’s are set, gives them confidence.

1:06:00 What is Ticket workout? Kids have run with anaerobic speed. Get ticket stubs, write numbers 200s, 300s, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 1000 and a wildcard. Most are 400 to 800. Put tickets into hat and #1 runner pulls first, then 2 and everyone does that interval until over 3200 meters. Wildcard however long they want the repeat.

1:08:20 How do you change up indian run? We do 5 min warmup, then 20 minutes follow the leader where ever they want to go. When you are the leader make it fun and hard for guy in back to get to front. JV 15 mins. Then cool down for total of 35 mins. If you drop button 10 pushups.

1:10:30 8×400 m hills workout. Gradual hill down the street from school.

1:17:30 Building a culture of running. Summer is a big difference. Kids need to be dedicated to summer.  Coach needs to be dedicated to this too. Captains need to be willing to take lead.

Timo Mostert – Interview

What a wonderful interview.  Coach Mostert shares the key insights into his American Fork high school program, such as the volume he wants his runners doing in the summer, his usage and interpretation of Lydiard training, as well as the role the weight room plays in his program.  His teams not only make the Nike Cross National meet, but they run extremely well when they get there.

Great interview with a great coach.

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Timo Mostert – Featured Coach, October 2014


Timo Mostert is the featured coach for October 2014.

Coach Timo Mostert has coached the Boys Cross Country Team at American Fork High School since 1998 after being at Murray High for 10 years. His American Fork boys teams have competed at the State Championships every year he has coached, including 5 State Championships,4 Runner-up trophies, 12 top 5 finishes, and 8 Region Championships.They have been ranked 8 of the past 10 years in the Southwest United States. His 2009 -2013 teams all won the NXN Southwest Regionals,  placing 8th, 8th,  6th,  2nd, and 7th at Nike Cross Nationals.  He has coached 14 individual State Champions in Cross-Country, the 800 meter run, the 1600m run, the 3200 meter run, and the Javelin.